Gems (?) of German Thought

Gems (?) Of German Thought
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GERMAN thoughts CRUSHING America

The Tesseract, and thus the Space Stone, are probably currently or about to be in the possession of Thanos. In the mid-credits scene at the end of "Thor: Ragnarok," Thor, Loki and the rest of the Asgardians are aboard a spaceship bound for Earth. They're intercepted by Thanos' ship, the Sanctuary II. And in the "Avengers: Infinity War" trailer, there's a shot of Loki handing the Tesseract over to someone. And that someone is probably Thanos, since later in the trailer Thanos is shown wearing the gauntlet armed with two of the stones, one of which is the Space Stone. The Reality Stone, a.

The Aether, was introduced in "Thor: The Dark World" as the object that spawned a war between the Asgardians and an evil race of Dark Elves led by a tyrant named Malekith. Unlike other stones, the Aether had taken a liquid form that could suck the life force out of humans and other mortals.

But those who could control it could use its power to turn anything in the universe into dark matter. With the help of Loki, with whom he made an uneasy truce, Thor was able to stop Malekith's plans to use the Aether to turn the universe into a dark matter realm ruled by his people. Since Asgard already had the Tesseract, it was decided that it was too dangerous for Infinity Stones to be close together for a long time, and the Aether was given to a man called The Collector for safekeeping.

Unfortunately for The Collector, his plans were derailed after a visit from the Guardians of the Galaxy, who had arrived with a mysterious Orb they had planned to sell for a massive payday. They learned that the Orb contained the Power Stone, an Infinity Stone used by its creators to cast judgment upon worlds and destroy them with a single blow.

Direct contact with the Power Stone will result in the holder being vaporized. And vaporization is exactly what happened to The Collector's assistant, who touched the Orb and caused a massive explosion. While The Collector held on to The Aether, most of his collection was lost while the Orb fell into the hands of Ronan, who planned to use its power to conquer and destroy any world he wished.

The Guardians were able to defeat Ronan and placed the Orb under the care of their galaxy's top defense force, the Nova Corps. The other Stone that the "Infinity War" trailer shows Thanos having on his Infinity Gauntlet is the Power Stone, so it can be presumed that he will have handled the Nova Corps by the time he reached Earth. It grants the user immense knowledge, the ability to control the minds of others, and can even bring about new life.

Instead, he created Ultron, who hatched an invasion of his own. With the help of Thor's power, their experiment created Vision, a sentient android with the Mind Stone embedded in his head.

Gems (?) of German Thought

No slip covers. They are in excellent condition some slight yellowing on the hard cover but no tears inside or out. No writting and no dogears. Can you give me an idea of their value.


Volumes They have the paper covers but there is nothing written on the covers just a cut out so the volume number conveniently shows through the hole. They are in excellent condition. No torn pages, writting nor dogears. Thanks for your comments.

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They are not something we would handle at auction. They are in good condition no paper covers and have been in a box in a closet for the last 50 years. Are they of interest in the antique book market? Thank you for your response. I have a good condition Les Miserables two volume set. Hapgood translator They have gold covered top edges and have many page bottoms joined. No markings except for a large gift inscription on inside cover and facing page blank. gems of german thought by archer william comp paperback

Possibly never read. Slightly marred title on the spine of Vol II. The absence of a book jacket that never existed does not affect the value of the book, so for books printed before book jackets were invented… this is a question that cannot be answered briefly. I have a edition of Hiawatha that appears to be covered with alligator skin.

It is in very good condition. What would the value be? Pamela, Thanks for commenting. Thanks for the great info. I believe this is the first American printing.

The book is is in good condition with some wear at the top and bottom of the spine. Is this book of value on the antique book market? Dennis, Thank you for your comment. We are clearing out my mothers house.

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We found an Websters Dictionary in good condition. Is this something we should sell at an estate sale or privately if it is valuable? We cannot find a way to approximate the value. Please advise. I found a book at a used book store that I have been wondering about.

Widdleton, Publisher. The binding is battered and the pages are yellowed with age, but otherwise it is in good shape with a lovely marbled cover. Do you think that is a fair price? Please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website to find out what your autograph book may be worth at auction: secure. Very informative website. I have also come into a large collection of mostly older books. Thank you again for the information posted. Most of the books I suspect date between s to s. Are there any other tools out there that you could suggest that may help me separate the low-end books from the potential high end?