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It's My Turn!
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He does, however, give a monologue after being shot. Deadshot 's short-lived ongoing mini-series: Deadshot: "You've got one shot. Make it count. This trope's used romantically in this fanfic of the live-action Disney version of The Three Musketeers. Beware: slash and historical inaccurateness. At the climax of With Strings Attached , Paul is hit with a massive inferno attack that disintegrates a table he's holding.

That felt lovely! Discord posits this trope or a loose variant of it as a question in Chronicles of Harmony's End : — Discord : "Fun as this is, don't you think it's my turn? Isn't that how this works, we go back and forth River in Serenity says just that before charging on an army worth of Reavers and killing them all.

Of course, she didn't take a huge attack or something, only all her True Companions are incapacitated at that point. Her intent is a little different than most examples, however; in context, she means that it's her turn to protect her brother, when he's spent most of the series so far taking care of her. This type of thing shows up in James Bond films all the time. A wordless variant occurs in Goldfinger , courtesy of Oddjob. When Bond's attacks don't affect him , Oddjob shoots him a smug look before going on the attack.

Used to dramatic effect in Perry Rhodan to establish the Time Police as the threat it is in its arc once it stops hiding behind agents: a single Dolan no sells the weapons fire of an entire Terran fleet while its pilot purposefully waits for the realization to sink in. Only then does he actually start to shoot back. The Odyssey : In the final confrontation between Odysseus and the suitors, a group of the suitors, led by Agelaus, throw volleys of spears at Odysseus and his three allies. The suitors' entire first salvo misses cleanly; Odysseus, spurred by this, basically says, "Our turn, boys!

Case Study: It’s My Turn

This makes this trope Older Than Feudalism. Live Action TV.

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But his dad was right. Namespaces Article Talk. It is the favourite film of Andrew Lobb, founder of the Lobb number. Now, standing in their kitchen, Antonio looked shell-shocked and Susie seemed annoyed. Shall we begin? It would be too confusing. Believe in Yourself The Wiz.

Subverted in Dark Angel episode "Fuhgeddaboudit". Read the full conversation.

Variation occurs in Red Dwarf episode "Terrorform" when Lister, Kryten, and the Cat unload their bazookoids Blasters designed for mining asteroids at Rimmer's personified Self-Loathing. When the dust clears, it merely asks "Is it my turn now? Used by Clark Kent in the Smallville episode "Combat", before unleashing a hellacious beating on the superpowered killer, Titan.

Used by Theokoles in the Starz television series Spartacus: Blood and Sand when Spartacus and Crixus are dueling a tag-team against Theokoles, the Shadow of Death who is totally undefeated.

They enter the ring with Crixus announcing "Capua! Shall we begin? They turn to the crowd, who chant their names, and then silently fall back into their seats. A medium-wide shot shows the giant getting back-up, and as they turn to watch him, announcing "Capua!


Shall I Begin? Role-Playing Games. In Dino Attack RPG , when confronting the Darkitect , Pterisa dodged his bolts of Maelstrom energy and then followed up by firing one of her own lightning bolts back at him. She even said, "My turn," just before she did so. The Darkitect then got a villainous variation of this trope and, in his fury, successfully struck back at Pterisa.

Super Punch-Out!! For each hit you land, his strength goes up. Once he starts moving, if you were foolish enough to fall for it, his fists play out this trope.

In the Wii version, during the Title Defense fight with Mr. Sandman, he poses with one arm down and groans "Dreamlannnnnnnnd" before his Big Apple Combo. If you try to punch him, he dodges, yells "My turn! Kingdom Hearts : This is Riku's specialty in the first game when you challenge him during the prologue. If you land too many combo hits on him without thinking, he'll rebound with a spring attack and take off a nice bit of your HP in the process.

He even says "my turn! In this case it can happen any time, at random, and the only warning you get is a slightly different sound effect and a flash, before any further hit trips the counter. God help you if you habitually mash the buttons from trying to pull off long combos Mass Effect After the Normandy is lost during the prologue of Mass Effect 2 , a fully-upgraded Normandy SR-2 can avenge her fallen predecessor during the finale mission, by using the Thanix Cannon to take out the Collector vessel that destroyed her in just two shots, all while easily dodging their frantic attempts to return fire.

Joker : How do you like that , you sons of bitches! Web Animation. Used in Super Mario Bros. Z when Axem Red blasts Mecha Sonic with a giant laser, doing no damage. Because it is solar energy, it powers Supes up instead of hurting him. They get to enjoy the constant visibility and bully pulpit of the most powerful person in the world, and only sagging economies Jimmy Carter, George H. Bush or disastrous wars Lyndon Johnson seem to fell them in their bids for re-election.

In fact, each of these elections was won by a candidate promising to take the country in a radically different direction, as opposed to hearkening back to a previous administration's path or the unfulfilled promise of a failed primary campaign. But whether it's a former vice president or the runner-up in the previous election cycle's primary, the candidate who is perceived as running for president because it's "their turn" tends to flame out against a fresher face.

It's hard to quantify just why widely-recognized presidential candidates have so much trouble sealing the deal come the general election. Maybe losing the previous cycle's primary carries an unconscious stigma for voters. Maybe being a vice president brands them "second banana" for the rest of their careers.

Maybe too much familiarity is a drag on voter enthusiasm. Whatever the reasons might be, the results are clear: the "next in line" candidates pretty much always lose against the fresher faced candidate promising to shake up the system. Read more : It's looking like Elizabeth Warren is the Democratic candidate to beat. Biden's got the numbers on his side, for now. But he's being challenged by a host of fresh faces and one Democratic candidate in particular — Elizabeth Warren — who is drawing huge crowds, consistently rising in polls, and could legitimately challenge President Trump as a shake-up-the-system newcomer.

That's a marked contrast with Biden, the three-time presidential candidate who spent his entire adult life in the Senate and then the executive branch, who's greatest selling point is he was a popular president's second in command. But Biden's long career in government is as much a drag on him as a boon.

The sharpest jabs against him by members of his own party include his vote for the Iraq War , his staunch support for the crime bill and other punitive criminal justice policies , and his opposition to busing in the s.

Its My Turn

Read more : Joe Biden's dicey past on racial issues could come back to bite him in the Democratic primaries. Maybe Biden's the one who breaks the "next in line" curse, but if history is any guide, Democrats would be better-equipped nominating a less-worn candidate. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

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