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I both fear and seek out the unknown. Tuesday, August 20, Regarding Boxes of Boxes. And even if you are, we accept you, regardless. To become wise we take the wisdom of the past and adapt it for the present, and then hand it on to the future. Beautiful shades of gray. It sends me to my peak

Some grandparents will find this hard reading. You may regret mistakes you may have made.

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You may be struggling with estranged family relationships. There is wisdom within for those whose children are unbelievers and for those who are out of touch with their grandchildren, but overall it assumes you are in contact, and in a position to model faith to your grandchildren.

What if like me you are the parent in the middle of this grandparenting arrangement? Who should read it? Christian grandparents and grandparents-to-be who want to foster strong relationships with their children and grandchildren that are founded on the gospel of Christ. Highly recommended. Labels: books - Christian , books - parenting , grandparent , New Growth Press. Thursday, August 22, Blinded by the Light. The family struggles to make ends meet: father Malik works at Vauxhill Motors until they fire half the workforce and mum Noor works long hours sewing.

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Javed Viveik Kalra knows the expectations upon him: get through school, get a good job, earn money and marry a nice Pakistani girl. But Luton is a hard place to live: unemployment is rife, and political and racial tensions overshadow their lives. A new English class, with committed teacher Miss Clay Hayley Atwell , begins to open Javed to future opportunities of writing.

Albums Born to Run and Darkness of the Edge of Town become two of the soundtracks that now help Javed to put words to all that he is feeling. I loved these scenes.

There are real highs and lows of emotion. In one, Javed is outside in the middle of a wind storm at night, pages of his poems floating through the sky, while the words of the songs are projected on buildings around him. As a love interest develops for classmate Eliza, there is a great serenade scene with a street group singing Thunder Road. Many of you are aware that Husband and I are big Bruce fans. We saw him in concert five years ago and I have reviewed his recent biography.

It was amusing to see how Javed changes as he follows Bruce.

Chaînes à la une

He dresses like him: white T-shirts with rolled sleeves, flannelette shirts and denim jackets. His language is infused with song lyrics. Even for those who are less familiar with Bruce or his music, chances are you will have heard these some of the tracks eg Dancing in the Dark, Hungry Heart, The River, Blinded by the Light, The Promised Land, Cover Me There are external tensions throughout as we see the everyday racism shown to the Pakistani community. Little boys urinate in the mail slots of their homes, they regularly have to clean off graffiti, and personal safety is often under threat.

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A major clash occurs when a family wedding coincides with a day of Far Right protests. It would have been easy to make the father an overly extreme character, but there is depth to him as well, as he feels the burden to provide for his family, and weeps over the amount of work his wife has to do.

These are common themes in movies: the tensions between generations of a family, and the tensions of immigrant families working hard to provide for their children, but uncertain what to do with the more modern Westernised offspring that result. It was honest, sensitive and real. The soundtrack, both the Springsteen songs and other s artists e. Pet Shop Boys, A-ha are fantastic, and well placed in the story.

The reality of life in Luton for immigrants is a little confronting. We can empathise with all members of the family as they struggle to find their way.

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In the end, sometimes songs really can give you a soundtrack for your life. I was a guest of Universal Pictures. This movie will be released on Oct Monday, August 19, Five Feet Apart. Monday, August 12, Any Ordinary Day.

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Musing and Amusing Poems for Kids, written for ages 3 – 12, contains literature from a child's point of view – dreams, struggles and imaginings, plus several. "Combs has a nice feel for the way small things loom large in a kid's life. Combs's poems feature strong meters and rhyme schemes and a rich vocabulary and.

How do you go on when in the midst of one normal day, things change forever? This is the story Leigh Sales wanted to address in this book, and she has done an excellent, insightful job. This springboards into a reflection and investigation into how people cope and change when they have faced a major event.

Sales is a long-standing experienced journalist and perhaps this is why she has been able to interview so many people. Included in her list are: Louisa Hope, survivor of the Lindt Cafe hostage crisis who also has multiple sclerosis. Walter Mikac, who wife and two daughters were killed at Port Arthur. James Scott, who survived 43 days lost in the Himalayas and then become the centre of a publicity storm.

Stuart Diver, the only survivor of the Thredbo landslide, who has since also lost his second wife to cancer. There are others too whose names we might not recall as readily or know at all, but have suffered their own private griefs and shocks. What is highly valuable is some of her analysis along the way. She talks to coroners, police officers and priests and gives helpful comments on the legal profession, police force and those who help others, how they can be helpful or harmful to those grieving and suffering trauma.

She also considers how journalists help or hinder these tragedies, all in the name of reporting what the public want to know about it. Maximum public curiosity and therefore maximum media harassment coincide with the peak vulnerability of the people involved.

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If he finds value in Christianity then surely there are lessons for me to draw from that. How people think they could never survive what others have had to go through. While she does refer to some people who have really struggled with tragedy, it is clear they are not the main focus of her research. And there are so many good people in the world, actually, so much kindness,. Sales has done an excellent job with confronting but also uplifting subject matter, providing analysis and research while keeping a very personal and caring touch over it all.

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Labels: books - non-fiction. Thursday, August 8, Juliet, Naked. Husband and I both enjoyed this movie about living with the consequences of your choices, yet still trying to make the future better. Annie Rose Byrne is the museum curator of the sleepy seaside town of Sandcliffe, England.

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They decided early on not to have kids, and Annie now regrets it, but they are both set in their decision. In fact, as she acknowledges early on, much of the issue is that Duncan is in love with another man. Not in any romantic way, but as a super intense fan of once mildly famous singer Tucker Crowe. He runs a website where sad, middle-aged men gather together to debate various parts of his music and speculate on where he is, since Tucker has not been seen in public for over 20 years.

To her great surprise, Tucker himself Ethan Hawke gets in touch to commend her on her review. This kicks off an email exchange where they get to know each other and compare the realities of their current lives. While Annie laments her choices resulting in the lack of children, Tucker is facing his own past with four ex-partners and five children. As he notes, when you stuff up the first two decades of your adult life, it gets messy for the rest of it, and there is a lot you are trying to make up for.

These exchanges are lovely: they are honest, candid and funny. For those that want some content indicators: there are a fair number of f words, and a shot of batteries being removed from a vibrator. They were honest about their lives, their choices and where they lead them, yet also optimistic about change and positive about the potential future. Neither were over-the-top characters, not overly dramatic.

Monday, August 5, Invisible and Invincible. Jazmine is 13 and likes to remain hidden. She can remove her hearing aid and just switch off. Everything comes to a head when Shalini convinces them all to wreck the drama classroom and Jazmine is on the brink of suspension. However, drama teacher Miss Fraser intervenes and convinces Jazmine to be her helper for the upcoming drama production. One proviso is that she has to write down her feelings in a private journal.

For the first time in years, Jazmine starts to analyse what she is thinking and how she feels and acts. As the weeks unfold, Jazmine discovers she loves being involved in the play, she experiments with some gardening at home, and starts to ask questions about what happened to her father. However, she continues to think she is worthless and has nothing to offer and is stunned when some nicer students including Gabby and Liam, extend overtures of friendship towards her.

It is really a story of a girl learning to find her own voice and be OK with who she is. The themes are quite developed, with the bullying being quite intense at points, as well as the desire she feels for one boy.