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Verses of Hope for God’s Plan of Salvation
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Kirstie, I lost my job last year due to an injury, which was so frustrating and really caused me to go broke. BUT it pushed me towards an even better job. I love my new job and my boss recognizes the effort I put in.

Lean on God, seek his Word and fellowship with other Christians. I pray that you will not lose your job and that the problems will resolve. But I also pray that if you do, that God will show you grace and strength as you move into another chapter. A hardship is not the end, but merely a transition to another leg in life. I so agree. I have experienced this miracle over and over — God closed one door, but He always opens another. He leads us to where He wants us to be for various reasons. Every time I am amazed. Trust Him. He is so wise. Wow was preparing for my class in Analysis wanted a Romans Road list went to Google and here I is…thanks!

Nice work! Why do most versions of the Roman Road not mention repentance? It is clear, with over 60 New Testament references, that repentance is required for salvation. John the Baptist went so far as to call a number of people seeking baptism, vipers.

16 Bible Verses About Peace to Read During These Trying Times

Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance: Matt KJV. Romans mentions confessing Christ as Lord. This gives the person sharing an excellent opportunity to explain the meaning of repentance. Repentance is meant to be included in this presentation and is included with references in the yellow text under this verse see above.

Turns out he sent me a link to your site. A few days later I was given a Gideon New Testament, and I just finished hiliting the verses you shared. Can you recommend a Discipleship study or guide for a preteen? Thanks again! Thanks Amber for your question and for visiting our resource page on the Roman Road to Salvation. The decisions you make now, in this short life, will impact your destiny for eternity.

After we die, there is no second chance 2 Cor In the Bible we are told God knew you and ordained your days before you were born Psalms There is no greater way that He could show His love for you and the enormous value He holds for restoring fellowship with you than to send his only Son to die in your place Jn so that you could live. The Bible will withstand the test of any scrutiny.

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Only the Bible contains hundreds of prophecies, predicting future events in detail before they happen Is because God is outside of time. God has also written eternity, and his laws, upon our hearts Romans , Eccl so that we are without excuse Romans 1. If your heart is stirred, ask God to reveal himself to you as you read the pages of his Word with an open heart. He promises to reveal himself to those who seek him Matt , James !

Could you give some verses about sin as well? That way the Spirit can use something to convict said person of their sin. Donald, your input is welcome and appreciated and will be considered. James states that if we break the law in one point we are guilty of breaking ALL of it. We need a Savior!

The Gospel Of Salvation

Christ came for that purpose. To satisfy the demands of the Law and to pay for our sins and take the punishment that was meant for us upon himself on the cross. What love! This is perfect. I always remembered Romans Toad from studying as a teen. This a very friendly version. Continue letting God use you.

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Thanks so much for putting this Roman Road to Salvation online. I hope that many come across it and decide to make the change in their lives. I will pray that their hearts be softened and that they will accept the love that only our God can give us. God Bless! Thank you for laying this out so clearly.

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So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.” + Acts “Neither is there salvation in any. Bible Verses about Salvation - Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time.

I was looking to share this with my unsaved husband. I ask for prayer for his heart to be open to Jesus as his Savior. Please pray that God gives him the understanding and faith that brings him to salvation. His name is Tom. Our teen group which consist of a lot of unchurched kids is getting this message tonight. You can lay the foundation of the Good New, which is the bad news, Romans You will be like the jeweler laying down a black cloth our sin to show the flawlessness of a perious stone, our Savior Jesus Christ the Lord of all.

I really like all the verses and teachings you have posted in your website and was wondering if I can print them out to share with the homeless peoples when I go to share food with them? Thank you for your beautiful presentation of the Romans Road to salvation. I needed a refresher course as I have a new person in my life who needs our God. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment.

10 Bible Verse About Accepting Jesus Christ

Home Resources Roman Road to Salvation. The Roman Road to Salvation Put your hand over your heart… that small heartbeat is all that stands between you and eternity in heaven or hell! Steps down the Roman Road to Salvation… Read on!

What Is God's Plan of Salvation in the Bible?

God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. What are these laws? They begin with the 10 Commandments. Have you ever told the smallest lie? Then you are a liar. Disobedience to an infinite eternal God deserves an infinite eternal consequence. God shows us His character and his laws in his creation, the world around us. He has also written his laws in our hearts… on our conscience. No good judge would let the guilty go free, the criminal go unpunished. Neither can a holy righteous God allow sinful man to go unpunished… but God LOVES man whom he has made in his image and He has provided a way of escape by sending his only son to die in our place.

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Prayer does not have the pow er to save the "alien" sinner apart from obedience. What does the Bible say about dinosaurs? Are there dinosaurs in the Bible? Use your Bible to look up any references not printed in the manual.