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Although you can make a pretty good living working for someone else, your chances of getting really rich may be higher if you start your own business. The Forbes annual list of the richest Americans is dominated by entrepreneurs. The opportunity to make more money is a primary motivator for many entrepreneurs, although other factors clearly play a role as well.

Being your own boss is a huge benefit.

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You are the only one who is ultimately responsible for your success or failure. However, every business depends on meeting the needs of its customers, who can be even more demanding than the toughest boss. The ability to set your own hours and control your own schedule appeals to many business owners, especially parents seeking more time with their kids or retirees looking for extra income.

Running your own business also provides a level of challenge unmatched by most other endeavors. And for some entrepreneurs, launching their own firm seems the only economic option. Opportunity that compelling is personal customer service because with it small business owner can build personal relationship with a customer.

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Trailing on the back of another truck is a shipping container that will eventually become mission control for the launch, full of computers and monitors. Two new releases, one from Rocket Fuel and another from TrialPay may help brands interact, engage and convert shoppers at higher rates. For comparison, a single Merlin engine used in SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket boosters generates about 10 times that amount of thrust, at kN. Featuring interviews with many of the world's most successful founders and business owners. Great Friends — Despite the Differences. The main body of the rocket is constructed using a lightweight carbon composite material.

Another opportunity that is compelling is lower overhead costs because no one wants to spend huge amount of money and wants to spend as less as possible. The biggest threat that is intimidating is high risk of failure. When someone starts a business, he or she wants to succeed and not to fail. People are scared of losing even if they are tolerant to failure. Review the definition of niche marketer, and cite three examples of niche marketers.

How has technology affected niche marketing? Market niche is a small segment of a market with fewer competitors than the market as a whole and tend to be more attractive to small firms.

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Three examples of niche marketers are organic cosmetics, Google, and E-Bay. Technology plays very important role today, because internet helped people to open new businesses and at the same time create more customers.

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It is good for businesses because they spend less money and grow faster. If you were to launch a new business, would you start from scratch, buy an established independent business, or buy a franchise? I would buy a franchise such as Starbucks because I know there are many people out there who love Starbucks.

What are the key contributions of small business to the U. Rank the benefits in terms of importance, and provide the reasons for your ranking. Some key contributions of small business in the U. What factors account for the dramatic differences in entrepreneurship rates around the world? Do you think entrepreneurship will continue to grow worldwide? A huge number of successful businesses—such as Apple, The Cheesecake Factory, and eBay—were built around the personal passions of their founders.

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Consider your own personal passions. What do you love to do? What are you great at doing? Can you shape any of your interests into a business opportunity? Be sure to think big. For instance, if you love hanging out with friends and listening to music, a club promotion business might make sense for you. Identify a person in your neighborhood who started a business from scratch, a person who bought an existing business, and a person who bought a franchise your local chamber of commerce can probably help you identify candidates.

Interview each of the entrepreneurs to learn more about their experiences. What were the pros and cons of each approach? Would they use the same approach if they could do it over again? What are their long term goals? How did the actual experiences of the entrepreneurs you interviewed compare to the material in the book? Did you hear anything surprising? In fact, a study suggests that just 9.

While billionaire entrepreneurs like SpaceX's Elon Musk and Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos push the boundaries of human spaceflight and exploration, a legion of smaller private startups around the world have been developing their own rocket technology to launch lighter payloads into orbit.

This new era of private spaceflight, dubbed "NewSpace," has seen satellites shrink from hulking, bus-sized behemoths to toaster-sized boxes of circuits and solar panels. Dressed in a dark blue Gilmour Space Technologies polo and slacks, he glides past his rocket and clusters of employees with purpose. Gilmour wants to carve out its own niche in a booming industry, one that touches on almost every aspect of our lives.

It's a mammoth task for an ex-banker and a handful of engineers operating in a country that, until , didn't even have a space agency. Launching One Vision for the first time will put Gilmour on the map, but failure could be a costly setback for the company's lofty ambitions. SpaceX has outlined plans to get humans to the moon, but the new space race is focused on goals much closer to home.

It's been 50 years since humans first landed on the moon, and companies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are outlining ways to get humans off our planet to tour the upper atmosphere and venture farther into the cosmos. NASA is exploring the most distant worlds we've ever seen and looking toward putting humans on Mars, the European Space Agency is readying a next-generation telescope to hunt for exoplanets and China will land two rovers on the moon in a single year.

Outside of the major players, a new space race has begun. Small, private startups are trying to colonize space with miniature relays -- known as CubeSats -- to provide everything from telecommunications support to biological research. They've driven down the cost of satellites, and the private sector has embraced this, causing business to boom.

Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship: Economic Rocket Fuel Essay

The CubeSats are designed to weigh less than 3 pounds 1. They can get inexpensive, small satellites into orbit cheaply -- and with greater frequency. In this new space race, where companies plan to send constellations of hundreds of satellites into space, there's a huge opportunity for Gilmour to capitalize on. It could become like an Uber for space, allowing companies to book rides into orbit.

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But building a rocket is incredibly difficult. Dozens of spaceflight companies are in the development phase, showing promise with their proprietary engines and promising big things, but so far there are limited success stories. Other companies are deep in the development phase, but Gilmour suggests they may have started the design process too early, building rockets that will end up slightly too small and thus, less cost-effective.

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It's his hope that Gilmour's team of around 30 designers and engineers will give it a competitive edge in the booming marketplace. Without the support of a national space agency, Australia has been languishing in a sort of space dark age.

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It's been difficult for Gilmour to get its ideas off the ground -- let alone a rocket -- with funding hard to come by and local talent scarce. With the advent of the Australian Space Agency, Adam tells me that the tide is turning, but it's written all over Gilmour's modest warehouse-turned-headquarters just how much the company has had to scrap and claw to get to this point. When Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in July , it was an Australian radio telescope that beamed the first images around the globe. You'd be forgiven for thinking Australia stands at the forefront of the space race, but the country has lagged behind in recognizing the huge economic opportunity space presents.

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Have you ever thought about starting your own small business but just didn't know where to begin? In Small Business Rocket Fuel: Launch, Candice M. Hughes. Results 1 - 10 of [READ ONLINE] Small Business Rocket Fuel: Launch by Candice M Hughes. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can.

Its first space agency was created in and disbanded nine years later. Fortunately for companies like Gilmour and a handful of its contemporaries, the Australian government funded the creation of a new space agency in July Its creation generated a lot of interest in both the mainstream media and the public, with space becoming a critical factor to a healthy economy seemingly overnight.