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Thanks for all the great recipes, Shiran. I made these muffins this weekend and they came out tasting amazing!

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My muffins came out different than yours did, though. I noticed that I only had enough batter for 8 muffins out of a 12 muffin pan. The muffins were also not as crackly and shiny as yours. Unfortunately, I have an older hand mixer that does not have whisk attachment, but I whipped the eggs and sugar as you directed. Hi Cassie! Each muffin pan is a bit different in size. Did you use muffin liners?

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With the liners you should get at least 10 muffins. Try to whip the eggs and sugar for a longer time, or just double the recipe. These look amazing! Hi Nikki, I have a few, but I really like this one there are different sizes. Hey Shiran? I tried this amazing recipe and it went down as soon as I took it out of the oven? I made it a bit smaller to get more out of the batter. Is that why it happened or what did I do wrong??

There are many reasons why this could happen. Were the muffins very soft in the center? Because that could be the reason for it if so, maybe try to bake it for a bit longer next time. Hi Dally!

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You can, but personally I prefer the color and flavor of Dutch process cocoa powder for this. I made this brownies and they were just amazing. I have question, they sank while they were in the oven. Why did this happened? I followed the instructions step by step. Hi Hannah! If the oven temperature is off, this can also cause cakes to sink. I made these Muffins today, but I wondered, if they are supposed to rise in the oven.

They also did not get this glossy shine on top.

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The batter gets its volume from whipping the eggs. I will make sure to use a different muffin pan next time I make the muffins to see if I get less than 12 muffins. Having accurate recipes is very important to me! These muffins taste so unbelievably good!!!! I filled them with homemade chocolate pubdding because, why the hell not and had to eat one immediately. Thank you!! Using a silicon mold for baking, can I skip the liners? I like how yours look so clean without any paper in site.

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These brownie muffins look absolutely amazing and I need them in my life!!! Will have to make them soon!

Hi Rita! You can, but these brownies are more cake-y, and I prefer to do the peanut butter swirl with brownies that are more fudgy. This should be ok though, if you want tot try it. Really great recipe success every time. End result was tasty but a little crumbly.

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Any ideas for next time? Eggs also give richness. You only need to mix the ingredients together. I found your recipe and i was looking through my cupboard and saw i only have unsweetened chocolate and i really would love to make these for tomorrow. I am making this in the morning, hopeful you answer this before i make this.

Can i substitute more chocolate chips for the cocoa powder? Hi Angla, this recipe is so good that I recommend sticking to the recipe.

These are just amazing! I only have a hand electric mixer so whisked the eggs for longer than recommended and added a pack of chocolate chips definitely making these again! Hi, Looking forward to trying out this recipe tomorrow. Did you throw chocolate chips on top right when they came out? Looks delicious! Hi Clare, the sauce is a simple chocolate ganache, click here for the recipe. I added the chocolate chips on top before baking. Wow, wow, wow!!

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So delicious, fudgy and decadent. I don't expect miracles and consider myself a reasonable baker, but can anyone enlightened me on how these cafe chains and businesses achieve the massive dome muffin tops? Because I've yet to work it out! Complain about this comment Comment number 1. Complain about this comment Comment number 2. I've been a muffin lover for a long time, I try to find time, at least, once a week to bake some and learn more about new recipes and techniques in making them. I also drop by some bakeries once in a while to buy some and taste test. That way, I don't stuck my opinions on what I make and I tend to get inspired if those muffins taste new or different.

Complain about this comment Comment number 3. When I first made muffins I was told to only mix the ingredients as little as possible and to only grease the base of each tin I don't use cases as greasing the sides prevents rising. Every muffin I have made has been a great success! Complain about this comment Comment number 4.

This is a terrific article that you have shared to us, most specially to us working mommies. Actually, my kids have a habit of eating muffins.