Ventura Highway

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Check out the two amIright misheard lyrics books including one book devoted to misheard lyrics of the s. America 's, "Ventura Highway". In when I was 50 yrs old, I had just found out what the correct lyrics are.


I'd been singing it wrong my whole life. Suggest Different Misheard Lyrics. I still hear the misheard lyrics, and though she has since passed away, I know she shares my laughter and smiles with us when we hear Ventura Highway. Do ya wanna smoke some grass, walkin' down the road? Venture a highway. Chewin' on a piece of grass, Walkin' down the road Ventura Highway. Site Navigation -. Your No. Custom Backing Track.

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However, the generated custom tracks will always be well synchronized and noiseless. It's my brother and I standing there on the side of the road looking at the shapes of clouds while my dad changed the tire. Enjoying massive success early in their career, America earned their stripes as musical soldiers on the battlefield amidst the excess, craziness and chaos of the 70's. Tuesday 13 August Homecoming America. Flag joe on September 04, We have those memories and they are as real as anything else.

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